Former Foreign Minister Denies Wirajuda Accept “Money Tired” Rp 440 Million

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs ( Foreign Minister ) Noer Hassan Wirajuda denied receiving ” money tired ” USD 440 million related to the implementation of the trial and 11 international conference in the Foreign Ministry . Hassan admitted he just knew there was money for him tired when examined Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) .

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" I never heard in the framework of the preparation of the conference there was money accountability tired , which is the set of the funds set aside from each conference , " Hassan said while testifying for the accused former Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sudjadnan Parnohadiningrat , at the Corruption Court in Jakarta on Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) .

Hassan ensure that the money never reached him .

Meanwhile , former Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Head of Budget Division I Gusti Putu Adnyana said , the allocation of money exhausted Sudjadnan request . The money was allocated to Hassan tired as Secretary of Rp 40 million per activity .

"I was able instruction of Mr. Secretary General to allocate spending perhaps no minister that can not be accounted for , so put on that money, " said Putu .

According to Putu , then he ruled Sudjadnan save money for Hassan . However , at the behest Sudjadnan anyway , eventually the money is used to help refugees in the Philippines . Putu claimed never to give money directly to Hassan .

KPK prosecutors in the indictment , there is a difference of about USD 12.7 billion between the cost of providing 12 activities presented in the statement of responsibility and the actual cost incurred Secretary to implement the 12 international events . Most of the difference in the budget called distributed to a number of parties at the behest Sudjadnan .

Besides Hassan , the called party receives the money was Head of Finance Warsita Eka Rp 15 million , Rp 165 million Putu , the head of the Budget Control Suwartini Wirta of Rp 165 million , Rp 110 million Secretariat , the director general in charge of the activities of Rp 50 million , director in charge of the activities of Hasan Kleib USD 100 million , Djauhari Oratmangun Rp 100 million , and Iwan Wiranata Admaja of Rp 75 million .


Restricted Banggar Authority, Corruption Opportunities Remain Open

The decision of the Constitutional Court ( MK ) reduces the authority of the Budget ( Banggar ) House of Representatives in the preparation of the budget is considered to reduce the risk of corruption by Parliament .

Hendri rate, despite the Court ‘s decision is expected to reduce the risk of corruption , but the potential for corruption can not be reduced .

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" It could even be larger, in line with the growing role of the executive . If the role of financial supervisory agencies , such as the Inspector General , the Financial Supervisory Agency and Financial Supervisory Government agencies are not strengthened , " said Executive Director of the Center of Reform on Economics ( CORE ) Indonesia Hendri Saparini Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) .

Furthermore , there are two calls Hendri major implications of the Court ‘s decision . First , the role of government as an executive agency in the preparation of the state budget becomes larger . According to Hendri , this can have a positive impact , because there is flexibility in choosing executive policies and programs to achieve the target .

" Secondly , there are drawbacks . Namely , the period 2014-2019 was elected governments will find it difficult to make adjustments development program in the first year (2015 ) , " he said .

The adjustment difficulties , further Hendri , due to the narrowing of space for changing the state budget . Though slack budget allocation in the first year is very important to achieve a number of development priorities in accordance with the vision and mission of the elected president in 2014.

As information , the Court recently took the decision to reduce the authority Banggar in the process of preparing the budget , the granting of the line demands judicial review of Law No. 17 Year 2003 on State Finance and Law No. 27 of 2009 on the MPR , DPR , DPD and DPRD .

The claims were filed as part of the Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation ( YLBHI ) , the Indonesian Forum for Budget Transparency ( Fitra ) , and Indonesia Corruption Watch ( ICW ) .


Jokowi: That criticism JK, Four Months After My So Governor

Presidential candidate PDI - Struggle , Joko Widodo , spoke about the release of a video of prospective candidates vice president Jusuf Kalla, who once criticized him . According to him , the statement conveyed JK , four months after he served as Governor of Jakarta .

" It was announced four months after I took office as governor . At that time , we electability ( Jokowi - Ahok ) high , if dicapreskan so wrong , " said Jokowi at a restaurant in Kelapa Gading , North Jakarta , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) .

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At that time , he continued , yet deserve a governor running for president and vice president . That’s because the flagship programs of Jakarta Provincial Government has not anyone realized .

At that time also , Jokowi admitted often replied , ” Ndak thinkers ’ copras candidate ’ , ” to reporters because it Jokowi work as Governor of Jakarta .

On the other hand , are reluctant to assume Jokowi whether it is related to the circulation of a video campaign black and negative campaign . He just believes , JK statement came after he served four months in Jakarta .

" It is true that all submitted Mr. JK . La Wong , one of the people who took me to Jakarta was Mr. JK , " said Jokowi .


Prabowo Renegotiation Offer Re-Hatta Natural Resources

Presidential candidate ( candidates ) and vice presidential candidate ( Vice President ) Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa offer ideas back to the Article 33 of the Constitution of 1945 . Where , natural resources or natural resources that the majority of foreign-controlled renegotiation must be done again.

" We’re going to re- do the renegotiation of natural resources such as mining , coal and others for the common good , " said Chairman of the DPP PAN Laurens Bahang Dama current polemic discussion Sindo , at Warung Daun , Cikini , Central Jakarta , Thursday ( 24/05/2014 ) .

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In addition , he continued , the concept Prabowo - Hatta wanted more guarantees economic system . One way to provide flexibility to small businessmen micro enterprises (SMEs ) and cooperatives . Because the sector is larger than large employers who only reach approximately 22 percent .

"We provide a revolving fund for small business cooperatives . Prabowo - Hatta focus will be concerned with the optimization of the people’s business sector , " he said .

Before leading up to it , added Laurens , the new government is accelerating the task of the infrastructure sector . Prabowo - Hatta want the distribution of goods and services between provinces no longer have stalled because of the current lack of infrastructure support .

"Now the government will be speeding up the distribution of goods in order to expedite the flow of goods and services . Including we will build houses for the people , " he concluded Timses Prabowo - Hatta .


Observer: Infrastructure Budget Do not be bothered

Observer economic LIPI Latif Adam said , not quite wise if the government cut the budget for infrastructure . Compared to other countries are becoming competitors , national infrastructure greatly missed .

" All kinds of critical infrastructure , " said Latif told AFP on Thursday ( 22/5 ) .

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He considered , if there are cuts in the budget of the Ministry of Public Works , infrastructure spending is not being targeted . The role of very large infrastructures for national economic development .
If the infrastructure is stagnating, not denying the economic growth will also be corrected . Moreover , the government has cut its economic growth .

However , so far the government has not yet decided where the budget will be saved . “If budget travel and office buildings as it says , it has no effect on development , ” said Latif .

Infrastructure is the last thing to be cut . Construction of roads , ports and the like should be prioritized .

Latif added that the deficit problem has become a problem that every year the budget interfere . The main disease is subsidized fuel oil ( BBM ) . As a result of the subsidy , the budget is always depressed . ” This year, the reason for the exchange rate and lifting , let alone next year . It’s a problem that always comes up every year , ” said Latif .

The government can not just make a temporary policies to reduce consumption . Real things that are judged to be complicated with increasing fuel prices and reducing subsidies .

It is not easy and will be a significant impact if fuel prices increase. However , the effect is only one - two months . Because , in the end people will re-use the fuel subsidy .

There are two broad factors , namely the unavailability of alternative energy and mass transportation are adequate . ” A month public can still participate jostling on the bus . , But in the end they are looking for comfort and re- use of personal vehicles , ” said Latif .

When viewed from the side of the economy , the government could raise fuel prices this year . Annual inflation is quite low , allowing the fuel price hike . However , the government needs courage . ” But the government looks stalling. Whereas each year are faced with the same problem , ” said Latif .


Canisius High School Students Jakarta Champion UN Se-Indonesia

High School ( SMA ) Canisius , Menteng , Central Jakarta , was happy to accept the results of a national exam in 2014 . Because a student , Aditya Rian Moniaga , ranked first UN Department of Natural Sciences in Indonesia .

Rian , he usually called , UN scored 58.05 . This makes the Canisius High School proud . When the announcement , which was accompanied by Rian father got pride cheers from his friends .

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Rian known as the student who actively participates in extracurricular activities music and easy to get along at school . Students born in Jakarta , February 21, 1996 , is also known also shares his knowledge to friends while learning .

Rian said he did not expect the UN scored the highest in Indonesia . Therefore , he had found it difficult to work on one of the subjects of the UN.

"The issue is the most difficult subjects of Mathematics , " said the son of Rev. Emry Moniaga and Dewanti it .

Rian said , the work on the problems , it does not quite feel the peace and make it load or pressure . Study hard , do not reject the material , and do not be hasty about the key to success of UN work on the problems .

" Materials provided enough teachers helped me in working to the UN , " said Rian .

Pride was Moniaga Emry ‘s face , Rian father , with his achievements . Emry always advised his son to be serious in doing things . He did not suppress his desire to be like what’s best . He often gives time to the first child for leisure exploring the things he liked .

" Everything I try to balance between playing , learning , and other matters which raised awareness of itself , " said Emry .

Budiyanto , Section Head of Curriculum and Assessment junior - high school Jakarta Education Agency , said the achievement was the result of hard work done Rian . Budiyanto said it will give an appreciation of the nation’s sons and daughters who have achievements . He said they were proud of the accomplishments of Rian get the highest score . Coupled with Rian behavior that is not reluctant to share knowledge to friends of friends.

" We will give prizes to the students who excel at birthdays Jakarta , " said Budiyanto .


Examined, HS Denies Sexual Violence Perform at Saint Monica

Investigators General Directorate of Criminal Investigation ( Reskrimum ) has examined the alleged perpetrator of sexual violence in playgroup Saint Monica , HS , last week . However, in the examination , denied the charges leveled HS complainant , L ( 3.5 ) .

" Reported HS have been checked , but not according to the story delivered by the victim , " said Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police Comr Rikwanto , Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) .

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In his confession , said Rikwanto , he said the victim and not only hold up to abuse as alleged victims of the students . ” According to HS , a teacher holding hands and embracing , is unusual in parenting , ” he said .

After that , he continued , investigators may call HS back . In addition , there will be if the crime scene , including CCTV inspection in the school environment .

HS is an extracurricular dance teacher at Saint Monica . He was reported by B ( 34 ) , Saint Monica playgroup parents , L ( 3.5 ) , to the Jakarta Police . HS allegedly sexually abusing the toddler son .

Rikwanto said that , based on the results of post mortem conducted on L , there is abrasion ( sorry ) the victim’s anus , a former violent blunt object .


Sure Dahlan Failed in the Convention

Presidential candidate Dahlan Iskan sure , he’s not going to be the winner of the Democratic Presidential Candidate of the Convention . SOE Minister admitted will accept whatever decision the Supreme Council of the Democratic Party later .

" I ‘ve been managing heart , last night . I feel , I am hopeless , so be it , " Dahlan said after meeting leaders of the Ministry of Enterprise in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 05/14/2014 ) , as quoted from .

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Dahlan claimed to already know who the winner of the Democratic Presidential Candidate of the Convention . Because of this, Dahlan has been calm her and focus to work as a state official .

" I also waited quietly , not by pounding . Quiet Why ? Results are already out , " said Dahlan .

Dahlan claimed not to be disappointed . Because , Dahlan has prepared his defeat to mature and be ready for the consequences he would face next .

" I should not be disappointed . If I am disappointed , I am not aware of entering this arena . Realized I was right , " said Dahlan .

Previously , Democrats plan carries the Golkar Party senior leader , Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X , as a candidate . The winner will be the vice presidential convention . Sultan electability considered a candidate would be able to compete with the other two , namely Joko Widodo and Prabowo .


SD boy’s body was found on the beach Rotting Cipatujah

The body Alfi ( 9 ) , one of two boys who dragged SD waves in Cipatujah Beach , Tasikmalaya District , was eventually found by rescue teams began foul conditions , Friday ( 05/02/2014 ) afternoon . The victim was found in the Coast region Sindangkerta or is about 6 kilometers from the scene .

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SAR Team Coordinator Disaster Volunteer Forum Tasikmalaya ( FRBT ) , Yudhoharto Gunawan said the search for survivors was conducted continuously for two nights . The search is still the way search in coastal areas . Because the condition of the ocean waves is still high and the absence of adequate boat out to sea to look for .

"The search continues until a radius of about six miles from the scene . Thank God fruition and find another victim who dragged the waves , "said Gunawan to , Saturday ( 05/03/2014 ) .

When the first victim was found , said Gunawan , his condition began to swell and rot . It has long been thought to result in water after waves swept out to sea .

"The condition of the bodies when found already swollen and begins to rot . We were immediately evacuated to be brought to the funeral home , " said Gunawan .

Rescuers were forced to search along the coast day and night . You see , the sea wave conditions in the region Cipatujah Coast , during these days , is still high and dangerous .

"If the quest to sea we could not do . The wave is still high with the waves broke . Use fishing boat might not get through , dangerous , "said Gunawan .

Previously , two third grade students , namely Zaki ( 9 ) and Alfi ( 9 ) , of Kampung Cimangkak , Village / District Cipatujah , Tasikmalaya district , dragged drifting ocean waves while playing on the shoreline , Wednesday ( 30/4 / 2014 ) night .

Zaki found dead the next morning , while Alfi was found dead yesterday afternoon .


64-Bit Processor for Cheap Android Coming Soon

Slowly but surely , the presence of mobile processors 64 - bit begins.

A recent news reported by PhoneArena mention that one of the manufacturers of mobile chips , MediaTek , plans two types of 64-bit processors in the next quarter , or by the middle of this year .

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Two 64 - bit chip is composed of four core MT6732 models ( quad - core ) and a longer named MT6752 is equipped with eight core ( octa - core ) .

It remains unclear where the gadget manufacturers who will use the processors 64 - bit artificial MediaTek in its products .

Clearly , the chip manufacturer is reportedly targeting the segment of medium and low-end with the duo ‘s 64-bit processors , as long as it used to do .

In addition to MediaTek , some other chip manufacturers have announced plans to make the presence or 64 - bit mobile processors , respectively .

The manufacturers include Samsung , Nvidia , Intel , and Qualcomm technologist who had commented on 64 - bit as a gimmick , before finally turn around .

Trend 64-bit architecture on Apple’s mobile processors are triggered by introducing 64 - bit mobile processor first ( A7 ) on the iPhone 5S , in September last year . Since then , other chip manufacturers compete to spawn similar products .