Larantuka sea disaster, 20 people were rescued

A total of 20 of the approximately 50 participants Larantuka Good Friday procession sea , East Flores regency , East Nusa Tenggara ( NTT ) , the unfortunate maritime accident around 12:00 pm already been rescued .

" While approximately 30 others are still in the process of search by police officers and the crew of participants sea procession , " said Deputy Chairman of Parliament of East Flores , Anton Hadjon Friday through mobile phones .

He said the pilgrims who were rescued quickly because getting help from the crew motorcycle procession fellow participant who was sailing towards the shore alongside Uste , which became the stopover point sea Friday .

According to him , the victims who have been rescued had been rushed to the hospital to get medical help .

One of the crew , Dionysius Mbesi of Larantuka explained , the sunken boat is ship type fishery company -owned fiber Fishermen Bhakti .

" The motor boat sank in the narrow strait at the End of Aro . Upside down beside the boat our motorboat . We all jump into the sea to provide relief , but because the current was too loud so , we only succeeded in a motor boat rescuing eight people , " he said .

There is another motor boat that also provide relief , but their number is not known who have been saved , he said .

" Motor boat has been washed away , but we all hope , all participants of the procession could be saved , " he said .

Dionius Mbesi claimed to be in the hospital to deliver the people who were rescued by their boat .

One of the participants of the procession of the sea , Apriani throat deeply frightened because the boat was upside down in front of the boat they were traveling .

" The participants of the procession is generally located above the ship’s cabin and when the boat capsized , all the passengers screaming hysterically for help , " said Apriani throat .

He said some of the crew , including crew boat we were riding straight down into the sea to provide relief .

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However, the amount is very much that is not known , how many people can be saved , he said .


Users Sony Xperia SP complains Screen Lag After Updates Android OS v4.3

If previous Sony reap a barrage of complaints from users of the Sony Xperia Z2 are complaining about how bad the quality of the speakers and audio in the handset . Now , Sony re receives criticism from users Xperia SP .

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Reporting from XperiaBlog , this news originated from a chat forum Sony Mobile is flooded with scathing comments and complaints users Xperia SP . They say that when they do an update to Android OS 4.3 Jelly Bean , the owner of the Sony Xperia SP reported that their handsets lag screen and its backlight blinking . Even so gemasnya , some SP Xperia users who experience problems at the screen and lag , straight to video record it , and upload it to YouTube .

SP Xperia users having problems screen flickering ( blinking ) , Backlight continuous flashing of course very disturbing . They complained , this seems to happen after they do update the Android OS v4.3 . Whereas before, when they do update the Android OS 4.1.2 , this incident did not happen .

Those who have complained about the Xperia SP experienced by users on firmware updates and 12.1.A.1.201 12.1.A.0.266 alone . The problem could be related to the kernel due to multiple users on different custom ROMs also reported the same problem .

So far , the Sony has not given any information related to this issue .


Samsung denies cheating Success for iPhone

SEOUL - The rivalry of Apple and Samsung in the court had not yet ended. Latest report of the hearing patent dispute the two companies back in circulation , Samsung claims that the company’s success is not because of cheating the iPhone , but rather the strength of the marketing strategy .

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Reported by The New York Times , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) , in the trial that took place on the last Monday , Apple claimed that Samsung managed to lead the mobile handset business world because of cheating features of the iPhone and iPad , as well as violate the patent . Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung’s U.S. division , Todd Pendleton , confirms that strong marketing is a major driver of sales .
Pendleton said that when he joined Samsung in 2011 , he did not realize that you also make smartphones . At that time , he said , showed that Samsung has a problem with branding .
" I think everyone knows Samsung with its television . , But on smartphones , no one recognizes our products , " he explained .
Pendleton said he had to build a marketing plan from scratch . He decided to build a brand with the idea that Samsung continues to innovate , with the best hardware before launching another company .
Samsung to finally start the Next Big Thing campaign , which aggressively mock iPhone while promoting various Samsung devices as the best on the market
When asked if Samsung plans to surpass Apple , Samsung Pendleton said that the goal is always to be the best . ” Our goal is always to be number one in everything . Other words beat everyone, ” he said .


Allegedly, the Killer brothers and attendants More Than One Person

Police suspect the killer brothers Revan Copyright Pamungkas ( 10 ) and Rizal Raziv Fingerprint ( 22 ) and her maid , Yati ( 44 ) , plotting . This was stated by the Head of the West Java Police spokesman Sr. Comr . Martinus Sitompul , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

" Suspected perpetrators have identified the victim and the alleged offender previously also seems not act alone , " he said .

Police suspect all three were killed in the victim’s home , in Ivory Complex K7 Tutuka Block No. 64 , Soreang , Bandung regency , West Java . Then , his body dumped in three different places .

Performers took the three victims who had executed it using Daihatsu Xenia car parked at the house . Xenia car was allegedly taken away the perpetrators .

From the results of the crime scene at the house , said Martin , the police found bloodstains splattered everywhere .

" Blood was also found on the bed , " he said .

In addition , police also found the victim’s sandals and shoes lying . There is also a broken ashtray and ashtray full of cigarette butts . In addition , the usual cars parked Xenia also missing and allegedly taken by the perpetrator . For a while , the police have not been able to deduce the motive killing the brothers and assistants . The evidence has been secured by the police .

Based on the results of the examination while , he continued , Revan and Raziv brothers allegedly died from strangulation . Because the barriers are found in the airway . Meanwhile , Yati neck allegedly snared by using wire or rope bondage because the former is found in the neck.

" From the results of the examination while , the death of the victim due to obstructed airway . Was able to strangulation or entrapment . Which brothers allegedly strangled . When the woman ( her maid ) allegedly snared by using the tools allegedly used a rope , " said Martin .

In addition to the alleged strangulation and entrapment former , according to the autopsy report , Martin said there are a number of wounds found on the victim ‘s body . In Raziv body found bruises on the left eye and right temple , wound in the right and left elbow , and bruises on the neck .

" For full results , we deliver after the autopsy is completed , " he added later .

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Previously reported , three bodies were found in a single day , yesterday . The first corpse was found in Cidaun , Cianjur at 09.00 pm . It is Revan found the bodies still dressed in school uniform . The bodies of the two were found in female Kertajadi , Cianjur , around 12:00 pm . Meanwhile, the bodies of the three were known as Raziv found in Cidahon , Garut regency , at around 16:00 pm .


Depression due to illness, police chief hanged himself

Kemusu police chief , Boyolali , Sukarno Ipda desperate to end his life by hanging himself in a tree in his yard .

Reckless acts he did on Monday ( 4/14/2014 ) morning it was done because of depression
due to the pain does not go away .

Information gathered from various sources mentioned , victims of Sukarno , first discovered by his family at around 04.00 pm , on a tree near his home in the village of Mojo , District Andong , Boyolali .

When the victim was found lifeless in a state with a sarong tied at the neck .

Found the incident , the victim’s family shouted for help citizens around to lower the victim of entrapment glove .

After that, the family and the community immediately reported the incident to the Police Boyolali .

Boyolali Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Budi Haryanto said , if the result of the crime scene ( TKP ) carried out by his staff found no evidence of maltreatment or violence committed by others .

According to the victim hanged himself pure without any element of criminal offenses committed by others .

It says , the victim allegedly desperate to end his life because of suffering from a disease that is long enough ambient .

The disease, Budi said , had tried to be treated in various ways , but have not been successful and ultimately victims desperate to end his life .

" No other problems both in the family and in society and employment , a strong presumption of depression because the disease does not go away , " he added .

It states that the victim’s body just two months served as the police chief directly Kemusu interred in the local village cemetery .

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He said he did not do an autopsy because the victim’s family objected to it.
" Demand families , direct victims buried in his village , " he said .


Suspected Victims of Illegal Hunting, Elephant Found Dead Without Ivory

The team of West Aceh Criminal Police unit with BKSDA Aceh and NGO Center for Orangutan Protection ( COP ) found a dead elephant that died allegedly exposed mined .

Elephants are thought to have been dead since about two weeks ago was found in the Forest Village Teupin Arrow , District Kawai XVI , West Aceh .
Thus the explanation given Invisible Criminal AKP Elri Purnama West Aceh , on Saturday ( 12/04/2014 ) .

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" Conditions are already rotting elephant , ivory and lost his head , allegedly was deliberately hunted , because a distance of 50 meters from the carcass of an elephant we found a snare trap elephants , " said Elri .

According Elri , elephants murder case will continue to be explored until the culprit is caught. Earlier, the head of the village and residents have been questioned, but it was not suspected elephant poachers local residents .

" The results in the identification of the location and number of items of evidence such as a wood , rope trap we have secured for further investigation , " said Elri .
After the identification , the police are also conducting searches around the site to search for suspected persangkap still attached around the forest .

Police with BKSDA two weeks ago had already been entered into this location , but did not find a dead elephant . Until this news was revealed , which is already rotting elephant carcass was still left lying around .


Mobile Taxable Luxury Goods, Rejected and Supported

Mobile Association of Indonesia ( APSI ) rejected the proposal of the Ministry of Industry (Ministry of Industry ) and the Ministry of Commerce ( Ministry of Trade ) which will charge a Value Added Tax on Luxury Goods ( PPnMB ) for mobile phones .

APSI discourse assess if it is realized , will increase the circulation of illegal import of mobile phones (black market ) in Indonesia .

APSI Chairman Hasan Aula predict , the circulation of illegal import of mobile phones in Indonesia will increase by 50 percent because the official price of imported mobile phones will rise and consumers should bear the price increase . ” It will make the official importer can not compete with the black market players , ” said Hasan .

APSI argues , illegal phones are not covered by the official after-sale service and trained . In addition , the durability of illegal products is very doubtful and worrisome .

Hasan continued , if the illegal import of mobile phones is more interested in the community , the government will lose tax from the mobile phone industry .

According to data from APSI , if the rule is enforced sales tax revenue the government would lose about USD 5 trillion . Still according to the APSI , deals mobile phone industry in Indonesia is around Rp 50 trillion a year .

Ministry of Industry and the amount collected is targeting PPnBM mobile application will be decided before the turn of the new cabinet .

The purpose of the imposition of sales tax on luxury mobile phones aims to provide an opportunity for domestic mobile phone manufacturers in order to accelerate the growth of domestic industries and reduce the number of import of mobile phones .

Local mobile phone industry support

PT Hartono Istana Teknologi as the owner of the brand Polytron , claimed to support the government’s plan to impose a sales tax on luxury to the whole mobile phone imported into Indonesia . This step is considered to encourage the growth of local industries that assemble mobile phones in Indonesia .

" I think that hit right PPnBM finished goods , while local mobile phone production Polytron will buy components only , " said Santo Kadarusman , Public Relations & Marketing Event Manager Polytron .

The government is encouraging local producers , importers , and investors , so that within the next three years could build a production facility in the country . The plan so far is running .

The local players felt the government should provide incentives to encourage industrial assembly of mobile phones , one of them by pressing duty costs for handset components is fairly high .

Chairman APSI Technology Division , Usun Pringgodigdo argues , local producers during this burdened by duty mobile components that reach 5 to 15 percent . ” Governments need incentives to local players love the import duty component lower than the intact cell phones , ” he said .

In addition , the government also plans to be followed by close supervision so that the phone is not illegal to enter Indonesia . APSI advised the government to record every phone’s IMEI officially imported into Indonesia .

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The data will be used by telecom operators that provide wireless network and internet services for mobile users . Later , the telecom operator networks and serve only active mobile users that its IMEI listed on government data .


Samsung and Apple Back feud heats up

Speaking of competition among technology companies Samsung with Apple’s seemingly never -ending . Even recently , the legal battle between Samsung and Apple back in court lasted San Jose , United States ( U.S. ) .

This time , Apple asked for compensation USD 2 billion on Samsung’s accused of violating five patents . But Samsung did not remain silent and expressed the features accused of violating a patent is not made ​​by Samsung but Google , Android owners .

Samsung ‘s lawyer , John Quinn , Apple fears the Samsung Android and especially because the market continues to rise . ” It makes Apple be crazy , ” said Quinn who represented Samsung in a local court .

" We will show you the Apple internal document that has not been shown before , and shows how Apple really worried about competition from Android , especially Samsung , " said John .

He is also accused of claiming all of the features Apple is Samsung’s patent infringement is not developed , but as the owner of Google Android . Holding the Google Nexus phones as an example , John said that all the software in the handset that made ​​Google .

" None of the features on this phone , which brings us all to this court , designed by Samsung . Featured in question was developed independently by some of the most creative in the industry , which is Google’s software engineers , " he added .

Previously , Samsung accused of infringing five patents related to Apple’s smartphone functions , such as slide to unlock to unlock the phone , correction letters when typing , contextual links in your contact information , universal search and background syncing of data .

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" Innovation from Google has disrupted the phone industry dominated Apple since 2007 . That’s why Steve Jobs declared a holy war against Google , "said John .

Related to that , Apple attorney Harold McElhinny said Samsung hit back with a prime suspect because they chose to stay put feature that infringes any patent and sell products for profit . ” It is Samsung who made ​​the decision to stay infringe Apple’s patents , ” said Harold .


Through Instagram users Score 200 Million

Instagram users continues to grow . The number now , according to the photo sharing service announcement on Tuesday ( 25/03/2014 ) yesterday , has reached more than 200 million .

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That figure is up from about 150 million users six months earlier , and 100 million users around a year ago .

This means that Instagram users grew approximately 100 percent over the past year . The 200 million figure refers to the number of monthly active users .

As reported by CNET , a company owned by Facebook social networking is also clear that users have uploaded more than 20 billion photos .

" Over the last six months , we see new communities joined in cities around the world , " Instagram wrote in a blog post .

The announcement came in the midst of news Oculus acquisition by Facebook for $ 2 billion U.S. dollars . Instagram itself was bought by Facebook for $ 1 billion dollars in April 2012 .

At the same time , Facebook , Instagram ‘s parent company , reported a rise in the number of monthly active mobile users to 1 billion .

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Previously , at the time of acquiring Instagram , Facebook founder , Mark Zuckerberg , said that he would be happy if the service was successfully reach 100 million users . Instagram now has reached twice that number .

source:http://www. kompas .com/

Meluas rencana perkembangbiakan badak putih utara

Rencana baru akan melihat badak putih utara cermat antar - disilangkan dengan badak putih selatan untuk memastikan garis keturunan hidup.

Sebagai dua laki-laki badak putih utara terakhir subur di dunia, Suni dan Sudan memiliki banyak tekanan pada bahu lebar mereka.

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Pada tanggal 20 Desember 2009, Suni dan Sudan ( bersama dengan dua badak putih utara perempuan , Najin dan Fatu ) yang translokasi dari Dvůr Králové Zoo di Republik Ceko ke Ol Pejeta Conservancy di Laikipia , Kenya .

Fauna & Flora International ( FFI ) adalah penghasut utama dan penyandang dana utama dari upaya tawaran terakhir ini untuk menyimpan subspesies dari kepunahan , membangkitkan 80 % dari dana yang diperlukan untuk bergerak dan membangun ulang badak di Afrika .

Badak putih utara mungkin punah di alam liar ( DRC dan Sudan Selatan ) dan upaya penangkaran telah sia-sia . Hal ini diantisipasi bahwa lingkungan liar , iklim dan padang rumput kaya Ol Pejeta akan memberikan badak dengan kondisi peternakan yang lebih menguntungkan .

Setelah perkawinan awal dicatat pada tahun 2010 dan 2011 , harapan itu dinaikkan lagi ketika Suni terlihat kawin dengan Najin pada tahun 2012 . Tapi sayangnya tidak ada kehamilan penuh panjang atau kelahiran telah menghasilkan sejauh ini . Sebagai bagian dari strategi pemuliaan yang disepakati , kombinasi pembibitan baru sekarang sedang mencoba .

Bulan ini badak putih selatan laki-laki akan diperkenalkan dengan dua betina putih utara, dengan tujuan membuat mereka hamil pada kesempatan pertama . Harapannya adalah bahwa dua betina dapat menghasilkan beberapa keturunan dengan ’ inter - crossing ’ subspesies dengan cara ini .

Meskipun hewan ini tidak akan badak putih utara Deles , mereka akan melestarikan gen penting diadaptasi secara lokal untuk habitat bahwa badak putih utara berevolusi dalam . Ada potensi masa depan untuk ini keturunan antar - menyeberang untuk dibesarkan kembali dengan kulit putih utara murni , sehingga meningkatkan proporsi gen tersebut dalam generasi mendatang tetap menjaga populasi badak putih genetik sehat .

Persiapan sedang dilakukan untuk pengenalan Januari , dengan dua betina putih utara yang telah dipisahkan dari rekan-rekan pria mereka. Denda dan subur laki-laki dewasa selatan putih telah dipilih dari tetangga Lewa Wildlife Conservancy , dan akan diperkenalkan ke kandang betina ’ . (see also: vitamin burung)

Strategi pemuliaan setara juga sedang dilaksanakan untuk laki-laki putih utara, dengan perempuan kulit putih selatan.

source:http://www. fauna-flora .org/